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William Price

William Price

William Price is a fitness model from Florida who is starting to gain traction in the industry. A self-proclaimed “country boy at heart,” William was born in Lincoln, Nebraska before coming to Florida. He is 6'2" tall and weighs 205 lbs., with an 18" neck, 47" chest, size 13 shoe, 32" inseam and 30" waist. He started training at 15 years old as a part of his high school football team. From the time he started until now, William has loved to be either in the gym or on some playing field. He played several sports in high school including football, baseball, track, weightlifting, and the gym has helped increases his performance in every way. Ever since picking up his first set of weights, he has been hooked. William loves the feeling of a good workout, the release it gives you, and the results that come in time. He played college football, however due to several knee injuries, was no longer able to play. William also loves MMA and enjoys training in different martial arts. He is very athletic, and as competitive as a person can get. In terms of training, William has a workout based more on what he feels he has deal with, in terms of body part, than a strict and inflexible program. He considers himself more old school in the gym and prefers compound movements like bench-press and squats. He trains heavy and hardcore, with his training roots coming from when he first started training for football in high school. Fairly new to fitness modeling, William has been photographed by several photographers already and created some memorable images. He has already been on several underwear campaigns and is building up his portfolio He hopes to be on a cover of a fitness magazine someday and has in his career goals to make it to a billboard or window advertisement. He is extremely driven and focused and looking forward to improving his physique, and all other areas to make himself the best model possible. He is looking forward to whatever comes and is very excited about what the future holds. We photographed William Price for NAB at the beach, and look forward to shooting with him again. We are very pleased to be able to add William Price to our roster of top fitness models and bodybuilders at!

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