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Tyler Locke

Tyler Locke

Tyler is 24 years old, stands 5'6 tall and weighs-in at 145 lbs at contests and usually weighs 160 lbs. His biceps in the off-season measure 16", his waist is 30", quads are 19" and chest is 40". The first contest he entered was the 2009 FAME Worlds held in Montreal where Tyler placed 4th in Open category for natural body building and 1st in Fitness Modeling. He would like to build some modeling experience and is looking for opportunities in the field. He is big into sports including soccer, hockey and squash ! Tyler thrives on motivation and to be the best of the best. We all look forward to Tyler's progress in reaching that goal. We photographed Tyler at the FAME show, and are pleased to add Tyler Locke to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at<

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