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Featured Products presents Pump & Flex, a DVD containing video of the sensational U.S. bodybuilder Peter "Pump" Putnam and the incredible U.K. bodybuilder James "Flex" Lewis. The video was shot in August of 2006 in conjunction with the Greater Knox Bodybuilding Championships held in Knoxville, Tennessee. Two chapters were filmed with Peter and Flex working out together and joking around at Peter's gym, and then at the show, footage of the posedown between Peter and Flex as guest posers, in what was described as the battle of the U.S. versus the U.K. We will let you decide who won this round between these 2 soon-to-be pro bodybuilders! This is an informative as well as insightful DVD giving you a look at these 2 hardcore competitive bodybuilders.
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Click for  larger view presents Muscle & Fitness Guys - Volume 1, a DVD containing video of 3 sensational fitness models: Andy, Anthony, and Clinton! These guys pose for you in various locations, including in hotel rooms, in bedrooms, in showers, in swimming pools and on the beach. They are young, lean, ripped and full of fun. You get see to these 3 hot NAB models all on one DVD!

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This DVD production is approximately 61 minutes running time and is recorded in DVD-R format. Available now! presents Adam Reich 10 Weeks Out - Making of a Teen Bodybuilding Champion, a DVD containing video of this sensational teen bodybuilder who had his sights set on winning the teen bodybuilding championship at the Eastern USA competition held on November 12, 2005. Adam did win and fulfilled his goal!

This video follows Adam's hardcore training from 10 weeks out from the contest, and concludes on the day of the contest, in the pump room and on stage, including his posing routine This video is 75 minutes long, and is fast moving and packed with great training tips and advice for young and upcoming bodybuilders.

This DVD production is approximately 75 minutes running time and is recorded in DVD-R format. Available now!

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