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Nixon Desa

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Nixon Desa is a physique competitor and fitness model from Florida. He has competed in several NPC contests, including the 2014 NPC Ruby C hampionships (Men's Physique 3rd Novice and 5th Class A), the 2014 NPC Fort Laude rdale Cup (Men's Physique 6th Novice and 3rd Class A), the 2014 NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic ( Men's Physique 3rd Novice and 5th Class A), the 2015 NPC Dayan a Cadeau Classic (Men's Physique 5th Novice and 4th Class A), 2017 NPC Eu ropa Championships (4th Class A Men's Physique and 3rd Class A Classic Physique) and the 2017 IFBB Amateur Olympia (Men's Physique 4th Class A) . We photographed Nixon in both Fort Lauderdale and again in Las Ve gas at Red Rock Canyon. We are very pleased to add Nixon Desa to our roster of upcoming fitness models and bodybuilders and!






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