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M.J. Errante

M.J. Errante

M.J. is a 23 year old bodybuilder from Queesn, New York. He stands 5'9" tall and his contest weight is 153 lbs. M.J.'s weight during the off season is between 170-173 lbs. He has a 30.5" waist, 16" biceps, 22" quads, 44" chest, and 14" calves. M.J. used to be an ice hockey player for about 15 years and had the opportunity to play professionally out of the country when he was 17, however, as he had sustained an injury during his last season of play, the offers were withdrawn. M.J. remained in the United States to attend college, but did not continue with hockey in school. In terms of training, he had begun with body weight exercises and plyometrics when he was 13 years old and weight training when he was 16 years old. The programs he did were specific to ice hockey, with a lot of speed, agility, and explosive type exercises being the main focus. During the off season M.J. would continue with more of a traditional bodybuilding exercise programs. Once his hockey career ended, he wanted to continue on with a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. M.J. very much enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport and was constantly trying to better himself. He figured working hard in the gym would fulfill both of those criteria. When M.J. was about 18 years old he switched gears and turned his focus fully from hockey towards weight training. He developed his own programs because after many years of trial and error he knew what worked best for his body. M.J. changes up his training routine every 6-8 weeks during the year to constantly shock the body. Also, different points during the year call for a different type of training in order to achieve those specific goals for which he strives. The 2010 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championships was the first bodybuilding contest that M.J. ever entered and he found it to be a really great experience, placing 1st in both the Novice and Open Lightweight Classes. With the help of NAB photographer Steve Roberts, we photographed M.J. at this show. M.J. is looking forward to doing other competitions in the future, but for now we are very pleased to add M.J. Errante to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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