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Mike Madger

Mike Madger 

Mike Madger is a 25 year old natural bodybuilder from Ohio. Currently in college, Mike stands 6'1" tall and competes as a heavyweight. His goal is to become a pro and he has begun the journey, having competed in several bodybuilding competitions already. He has competed at the 2007 Natural Northern USA Bodybuilding & Figure. placing 2nd in the Heavyweight Class and 3rd in the Junior Class, the 2007 Natural Ohio Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, taking 2nd in the Heavyweight Class and 5th in the Juniors Class. After a brief layoff for an injury, Mike began competing again in 2010. At the 2010 NPC Collegiate National Championships, Mike took 8th place in the very competitive Heavyweight Class and at the 2010 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, he took 6th place in the Heavyweight Class. Mike's weight in contests is 230 lbs, and off-season he bulks to 245 lbs. His pumped biceps measure 19.25", waist off-season is 36", chest 51.5" pumped, quads 30" pumped and calves 19" cold. Growing up Mike played soccer ice-hockey, and in the off-season of hockey he took tournament karate classes, and competed and demoed at tournaments. He advanced quite a bit in hockey and stepping onto the ice as a new member of the AHL (American Hockey League) was the goal, but unfortunately a "cheap shot" as it's termed caused Mike to never again play at the same level. Even after a year of physical therapy he was unable to handle himself on the ice the way he should have. After his hockey days Mike turned from team sports to individual sports. In the summer he prepped for both course, trail, and downhill mountain bike racing, and throughout the winter Mike did free-style, big-air, and half-pipe riding. Two years latter he began to let those two sports fade as he picked up on bodybuilding, and since then Mike has competed exclusively in bodybuilding and enjoyed it very much. We photographed Mike at the Collegiate Nationals in Pittsburgh, and we welcome him to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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