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Matt Votta

Matt Votta

Matt Votta is an 18 year old teen bodybuilder from Long Island, New York, who competed at the 2010 NPC Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championships in Manhattan. All his life Matt has lived to be in the spotlight. He believes there is no better feeling then feeling on top of the world after scoring that winning goal, hitting that home run or sinking the game winning shot. Winning has always been his goal with what ever he attempted to do, no matter how big or small the task was. Matt first started out playing Little League baseball at a young age. That was a lot of fun until he learned how to roller skate. After that, he began playing roller hockey for a number of years. As time went on Matt then decided hockey just was what he wanted to focus on, so once he learned how to ice skate, hockey became his sole passion for a number of years. Matt traveled all over for hockey roller and ice, but once he got to the higher levels, ice hockey was his main focus. Matt also went back with stints in playing travel basketball and travel baseball while juggling his hockey career and he won championships in addition. As Matt got older he didn't have the luxury to play on so many teams, so one ice hockey team was his focus. He got up to the JR levels of ice hockey but a concussion pretty much ended his hockey stint and his passion for weight lifting is all Matt lives for now. Matt started to lift around 15 or 16 years of age when his neighbor got the bug for lifting weights and he is so glad he got Matt into it to because being in the gym is what Matt loves to do more than anything. They started to train with a barbell and weights. They worked out together, and Matt also ran all summer before high school to loose his baby fat, losing a good 20 pounds from the hard work he put in that summer. Ever since then, Matt has been a health nut and rarely ever eats junk food or anything nutritionally bad. Matt is always in the gym training and always on a good regimen. Hiis training now is at a advanced level and he's always looking for ways to improve and better himself in the gym to make his physique go where he wants it to be. Right now, at a height of 5'6", Matt's off season weight is 185 lbs. and his competition weight was 172 lbs. He has 17.5" biceps, a 32" waist, 25" quads, 42" chest and 17" calves. In addition to the Atlantic States show, Matt competed at the 2009 Mr. Jones Beach Classic, placing 3rd in the Teen Class. We expect to see much more from Matt Votta in the future, but for now we are pleased to add Matt Votta to our roster of ucomping bodybuilders and fitness models at!
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