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Marc Fischer

Marc Fischer

Marc Fischer is from Germany, but he traveled to the United States to compete at the 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships in Fort Lauderdale, home to his sister who also competed at the show in Novice Figure (she placed 4th in Class B). Marc is 33 years of age, is 5'9" tall and has a contest weight of 191 lbs. which increases to 220 lbs. in his off-season. He has 18 3/4" biceps, a 32" waist, 50" chest, 24" quads and 17 1/4" calves. He has competed in many bodybuilding competitions in Europe, including the 2005 Berlin-Championships (Newcomer 4th Place, Middleweight 5th Place), 2006 GP Thueringen (Middleweight 1 Place), 2006 Int. Berlin-Championships (Middleweight 2nd Place), 2006 Int. German-Championships (Middleweight 11th Place), 2007 Berlin-Championships (Middleweight 2nd Place), 2007 Northgerman-Championship (Middleweight 2nd Place), 2008 Berlin-Championships (Middleweight 5th Place), 2008 German-Championships (Middleweight 4th Place), 2009 Berlin-Championships (Light Heavyweight 5th Place), 2009 German-Championships (Light Heavyweight 10th Place), 2010 Berlin-Championships (Light Heavyweight 1st Place), and the 2010 German-Championships (Light Heavyweight 7th Place). At the 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships Marc placed 7th in his Light Heavyweight Class. Marc has been training since 1996 and has a sports background that includes tennis and judo. He has done some modeling for and for the German newspaper "Ostsee Zeitung". With the help of NAB photographer Kelvin Stansberry, we photographed Marc just after the prejudging round at the Southern States show, and we are pleased to add Marc Fischer to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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