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Luca Sossai

Luca Sossai

Luca Sossai is a 25 year old personal trainer and fitness model from Italy. He stands 5'8" tall at a weight of 165 lbs. He came to Miami in 2010 to compete in the Musclemania-sponsored Model Universe Fitness Modeling Championships, which is where we met Luca and photographed him. For Luca, sports have always been his main interest and hobby. At the age of 6 he started playing football and subsequently started practicing judo. Judo permitted him to acquire determination, willpower, ability to sacrifice, patience, and the ability to handle various situations and to work consistency to achieve results in life. He practiced this sport for nine years, winning many competitions even at international levels, and also achieving the brown belt. His biggest passion is for fitness, in particular bodybuilding. He started this sport at 14 years of age, concurrent with judo. With a good and healthy diet, consistency and love for the gym, after ten years Luca developed a sculpted and muscular physique, although he feels his development is not yet compete considering his young age. Luca believes this beautiful sport is a true and real lifestyle, in that it accompanies him in every part of the day, but the principal thing is that it permits him to have an enormous psychological capacity to face the difficulties of every day life, with the belief that where there is a will there is always a way. Luca believes that a personal trainer is seen as an educator, a motivator, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a trainer and much more. Thanks to the specialized and master courses he has taken, including physiology and nutrition, Luca is able to have a knowledge of the physical and technical aspects of training, and has gained a good education and level of proficiency, in addition to the personal practical experience. Luca has applied his expertise in work on cruise liners, which also gives him direct contact with persons of differing nationalities and cultures. We are pleased to add Luca Sossai to our roster of top fitness models and bodybuilders at!
Luca Sossai          
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