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Lowell Gloeckl

Lowell Gloeckl

Lowell is a 19 year old upcoming bodybuilder from Pennsylvania. He stands 5'4" in height and his contest weight is 145 lbs. (off-season weight is 155-165 lbs.). Lowell's measurements are biceps 16", chest 40", calves 15", quads 23" and waist 28". He has been lifting for about 6 years mainly for sports. Lowell started out doing basic movements like bench press and curls. As the years went on, he started lifting more, while learning different exercises. Lowell played football, basketball, and track in high school. He began liking the weight training more than the sports, and that's when he started powerlifting. Lowell has been lifting seriously on a consistent basis for about 3 years, usually 6 or 7 times a week, only taking a day off when he feels he really needs it. Lowell has won several powerlifting titles including: 1st place at the Steel City Challenge, 1st place at the Emmanuel Johnstown Single Lift Open, 1st place in age group division and 5th place in the open division at the Erie Powerlifting Championships, and 1st place in the teen division at the Pittsburgh Championships. Lowell also has an American record bench press for his weight and age of 300 lbs. Lowell always liked trying new things and pushing himself to be the best he can be. That's when Lowell decided to start bodybuilding. He is fairly new to the sport and has been doing it for a little over a year. The transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding was difficult at first. He didn't have too much guidance and didn't know too much about dieting or posing. Lowell is still learning valuable information and techniques everyday. He competed in the NPC Pittsburgh and the MuscleMania Kumite Classic. Lowell won 1st place teen and 3rd place open lightweight at the Kumite Classic. He also won Teen Bodybuilder of the Week on So far Lowell has received many great opportunities since he started bodybuilding. He is a part of the great supplement company Cellucor. Lowell had the chance to do some modeling work and photoshoots also and looks forward to pushing his body to new limits, and continuing his bodybuilding journey. We are very pleased to add Lowell Gloeckl to the roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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