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Kevin Schosek

Kevin Schosek

Kevin is a 20 year old all-natural bodybuilder from Upstate New York, just outside of Buffalo. He began weightlifting in March of 2006 in order to put on some size to compete with bigger kids on his varsity lacrosse and soccer teams. Kevin had hopes of playing either sport at the collegiate level, but soon found himself too caught up in lifting and decided sports would just get in the way. He first competed 2 years ago after a couple buddies of his in college told him he should try to do a show. In 2008 Kevin placed 5th out of 5 \competitors in the Open Lightweight class at the NPC Mr. Buffalo. While this was not a great showing, it just served to motivate Kevin even more to do better next time. He came back a little over one year later and competed in the NPC Mr. Rochester in 2009, and managed to take 2nd place out of 6 competitors in the Open Welterweight division, qualifying himself for national level competitions for one year. Now that Kevin sees what kind of improvements he is able to make in that amount of time, he has full intentions of getting his WNBF Pro card. We photographed Kevin at the 2010 Arnold in Columbus, Ohio, when he was just a couple of weeks out from the 2010 INBF Supernatural show in Buffalo. Kevin was ripped and ready and we had a great photoshoot along with his college roommate and training partner, Lester Gale. Kevin is 5'7" tall and 172 lbs. (160 contest), with 17" biceps, 27" waist and 15" calves. At the Supernatural, Kevin won his Open Lightweight class but fell just short of his Pro card when he was edged out in the overalls by the Middleweight. Nonetheless, Kevin is determined and we are certain he will get that Pro card soon. In the mean time, we are very pleased to add Kevin Schosek to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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