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Justin is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and more recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of being an actor and a model. He decided to get into modeling because all his life, people were telling him what a great look he has and that he should become a model. We agree. Justin started working out when he was 18. A subscription to Muscle & Fitness was the inspiration he needed to start working out and trying to perfect his body. It was one of his dreams to be one of those guys on the cover of a fitness magazine. In addition to fitness modeling, Justin is a personal trainer and hopes to some day open his own personal training company. He stands 6' tall and weights 195 lbs. with 18" arms, 46" chest and a 31" waist. Although Justin has not done any photoshoots in the last couple of years,, with the help of our friend Howard from Hollywood, was lucky enough to schedule a Venice Beach shoot with Justin. We are very pleased to add Justin Seitz to the roster of top fitness models and bodybuilders at!

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