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Jody Westby-Hanalei

Jody Westby-Hanalei

Jody is a 20 year old bodybuilder from Hawaii. He stands 5'7 3/4" inches tall and competes at a weight of 176.25 lbs, and then maintains a weight of 217 lbs in the off-season. His measurements are biceps 17.5", forearms 13.5", waist 29", thighs 26.5" and calves 17". Jody has already competed in several competitions, including: 2007 NPC Steel City Bodybuilding Championships (Teenage Division - 1st Place and Overall), 2007 NPC DSN Southern Colorado Natural Bodybuilding Championships (Teenage Division - 1st Place and Overall), 2008 NPC Stingrey Classic (Open Men's Middleweight Division - 3rd Place), NPC Paradise Cup (Open Men's Middleweight Division - 2nd Place), and 2009 NPC GNC Collegiate Nationals (Open Middleweights Division - 4th Place) We met and photographed Jody at the Collegiate Nationals held in Pittsburgh. Jody has an active sports background. He was a sponsored BMX racer for Redline Bicycles between ages 11-14 years old, being 2nd in the nation at age 12 for 20" BMX. In high school, he did Varsity Track (300 Hurdles, 100M Dash, 4x200M relay team) and JV/Varsity Football (Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Kicker, and Punter). In addition, he played quite a bit of basketball and soccer, and Capoeira for one year (holds green/light blue cord). Jody was an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and holds a BS Degree in Kinesiology/Nutritional Biochem is working on a double major in Polynesian Languages. We are very pleased to add Jody to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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