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Greg Smyers

Greg Smyers

Greg Smyers is a 39 year old bodybuilder and fitness model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Greg stands 5'10" tall and weighs 198 lbs at 6% bodyfat. He has competed in several bodybuilding competitions, including placing 1st in the Light Heavyweights at the 2010 NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Championships, 4th in Light Heavyweights at the 2009 NPC Natural Northern USA Bodybuilding Championships, and 2nd in Closed Light Heavyweights at the 2009 NPC Pittsburgh Championships, We met Greg when he competed at the 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships, where he placed where he placed 1st in the Closed Light Heavyweight Class and 3rd in Open Light Heavyweights, and again at the 2010 NPC Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championships in New York. In January 1998 Greg Smyers made the smartest decision of his life: The then 26-year-old from Pittsburgh switched directions and started concentrating on lifting weights instead of beer bottles and cigarette boxes. As a result of his winning Ironman magazine's inaugural before-and-after contest, Iron Man flew Greg out to Venice, California and put him up at the legendary Marina Pacific Hotel for three days. He did his first-ever photo shoot with Michael Neveux the next day. One night later Smyers was on center stage at Pasadena City College, joining Iron Man cover boy and Muscle-Link rep Jonathan Lawson as they raised the hands of Matt Allen, the Middleweight class winner at the first California Collegiate Bodybuilding Championships. He was asked by the emcee to "Take off the shirt and show us what you got" to which he obliged in a heartbeat. Greg trained at the famous Gold's Gym, Venice, meeting many of the sport's icons. He worked out with IFBB pros Craig Titus and Mike Quinn; he lifted weights just a few feet from the likes of Ken "Flex' Wheeler, Chris Cormier and Paul Dillett. A casting director from the new television show "Battledome" spotted him during one of those workouts, approached him and set up an audition. He was now motivated. Greg used to train on and off, but was never consistent. But then Greg decided he was really going to stick with it, prepare for his first contest. joined King's Gym (owned by former IFBB pro Kim and her husband, Jeff). It was literally a new beginning. He knew how to lift and knew how to eat, and started eating everything in sight. Greg wanted to be huge. eat, drink and sleep bodybuilding. Greg then set his sights on a bodybuilding show, the Natural Pennsylvania Grand Prix. He lost 40 pounds in three months, and weighing 192 lbs. he did the contest and won his Light Heavyweight class. From there, Greg pursued the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle. Although Smyers had done a total about-face with his lifestyle, he doesn't want folks to think he's turned into a monk. He still goes out indulges himself once in a while. believing you'll go crazy if you don't cut loose once in a while. Well things are certainly going well for Greg, having successfully competed in several contests now and working as a fitness model with photos in many magazines. We are very pleased to add Greg Smyers to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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