Dan Decker started lifting weights as a teenager as part of his training for football. He achieved results real fast, and began shifting his attention to bodybuilding. After my senior year of high school, he competed in a local bodybuilding contest in 1993 - the NPC South Bend - where he took fourth place in the teenage class. Soon after that he joined the US Navel reserve. Right after boot camp I attended my "A" school in Gulfport, Miss. Where, I learned how to monkey around and operate Bull Dozers, 10 Ton Tactical Dump Trucks, Graders, Front End Loaders etc. When he came home after "A" school he decided it was time to start competing again. This time he entered a show in Evansville, IN. in 1994 called the Event II Natural Bodybuilding Championships. This time around he took second place in the teenage class and took first place in the Men's novice middle weight class. He then decided to take a couple years off from competing to add some size. It ended up being several years though. Dan stepped on stage again in 2003 at the Musclemania in Chicago and took the light heavy class and the overall. Then in 2004 Dan competed in the Musclemania Super Body in Miami Florida and won the light heavies there along with his Musclemania Pro card. Dan then decided to try his luck in the NPC. So I competed in the 2004 NPC Indiana State and won his weight class and qualified for nationals. In August of 2006 Dan moved to Huntington Beach, California to pursue all of his bodybuilding dreams. After moving there he traveled up to "the Mecca" - Gold's Gym in Venice beach to train on the weekends. In 2005 Dan decided it was time to get back on stage again and get noticed. So he competed in the Venice Beach Mr. Muscle Beach on July 4th 2005.Dan ended up winning the overall and got introduced to some of the top photographers in the industry. Soon after that dan landed covers for Musclemag Dec 2005, Iron Man Feb 2006 and a Prosource Catalogue cover along with many publications for Ironman and Musclemag and Ads for MRI (makers of NO2 and CE2). After Muscle Beach it was time I decided to train for the USA nationals in Las Vegas on July 28th-29th, 2006. After a year of priority training and hard-core training Dan was able to bulk up to 233 lbs and cut up to a very shredded 212 pounds for the USA. In his first national show Dan was able to place 7th in the heavies out of 34 national level guys in one of the toughest USAs ever. We photographed Dan at the USA's and he looked great. In 2007 Dan will be aiming at the USA once again planning to come in a very ripped 220-225 lbs. We are excited to add Dan to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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