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Bryant Ferguson

Bryant Ferguson

Bryant Ferguson is from Connecticut, is 22 years of age, and stands 5'11" tall at a weight of 180 lbs. He has been resistance training for eight years and training for competitive bodybuilding for two. WNBF pro bodybuilder Jude Achu was the guy who introduced Bryant to bodybuilding, and so far, Bryant has been very successful in competitions. The 2008 Fitness Atlantic was the start of things for Bryant, winning 1st place in the Novice Class and 2nd in the Juniors. From there Bryant went on to compete the following year in the Fitness Atlantic taking 2nd in the Juniors and 4th in the Middleweight Classes. The following June, Bryant decided to give the INBF Connecticut Championships a try and good thing, because he won the Light Heavyweight Class. In 2010 Bryant decided to enter the INBF Fultons show, finishing 1st in the Middleweight Class, and then decided to enter the 2010 INBF Hercules Championships in New York City in which he placed 4th in his class. With the help of NAB photographer Steve Roberts, we photographed Bryant at the Hercules show. Throughout high school, Bryant played basketball and track but only stuck with football for all 4 years. Bryant has an incredibly shredded and lean physique, and his photos were amazing. We are very pleased to add Bryant Ferguson to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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