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Brent Kasmer

Brent Kasmer

Brent Kasmer is a 30 year old bodybuilder from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is 5'8 tall and weighs 175 lbs. when competing and 193 lbs. in the off- season. Brent's measurements, relaxed, are calves 16", thighs 26", waist32", chest 46", upper arms 16" and forearms 13". Brent has been involved in All- Natural Bodybuilding for three years. His first show was in 2006 at the INBF Cardinal Classic in Ohio. He was awarded 1st place and 2nd overall. His second show was in 2007 at the INBF Northern States Supernatural in Buffalo, NY. He was again awarded 1st place and took 2nd overall. In addition, Brent has competed at the 2007 INBF Cardinal Classic (1st place, 2nd overall) and the 2009 Musclemania Universe in Miami (1st place, 2nd overall) and the 2009 NPA Mr. North Carolina (1st place, 2nd overall). At all competitions he has competed in the middleweight division. Brent is working towards improving his overall muscularity and definition, as well as to increase his mass and compete in the light heavyweight division. He is a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). He competed in Football, Swimming, Karate, Track and Field, Soccer, Baseball and Power Lifting. You name it and he's been involved in it. However, his true love lies with All Natural Bodybuilding. He feels that it is a science and art to be able to mold your body into the exact physique that you would like. Brent has had some modeling experience having done event modeling in Ohio, and would like to pursue new fitness modeling opportunities in the future. We met and photographed Brent the day after the Musclemania Universe show in Miami, and we are pleased to add him to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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