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Brandon is a 22 year old fitness model and bodybuilder from Texas. He story is very inspirational. Brandon had to overcome some hardships in his life. If you look closely at his photos you can see a huge scar on his abdominals. When he was a teenager, his life was threatened by a problem unknown to my doctors. During his exploratory surgery (his 2nd surgery), they finally found the problem to save his life. Brandon's weight dropped to 86 lbs and he lost a lot of his hair due to the strain and antibiotics. And 6 months later, Brandon was in a car wreck breaking both of his legs and his left knee. Brandon refused to give up his dreams and he worked his way through all this adversity, began weight training and bringing his body and life back. The results of his hard work are evident. We photographed Brandon in Dallas, Texas a few weeks after he entered and competed in the 2008 Branch Warren Bodybuilding Classic, in which he placed 3rd in the Novice Lightweight Class! Brandon stands 5'6" tall and weighs 166 lbs (he competed at 145 lbs.). He is lean and muscular. His waist measures 29.5" and he has a 44" chest and 17.5" biceps. Brandon hopes to compete in more bodybuilding contests, and is also interested in fitness modeling opportunities. We are very pleased to be able to add Brandon to the roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!


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